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Life Groups

Life Groups

Life Groups:

Join a mid week group with a fresh approach to looking out for people coupled with a desire to reach our community.  This is the "real thing" - a group that seeks to look after your needs and yet at the same time desires to fulfil the great commission of Jesus to "Go and make disciples" (Matthew 28). 

These groups are open and flexible.  They are designed to enable you to major on your strengths, talents and enthusiasm.  You will not be pushed into doing things you do not wish to do.  If you have an interest in an area, initially you may simply wish to come and observe before you decide to do anything.  

There are a range of groups running for all ages.  At least one of these groups will appeal to your imagination and flair as well as you sense of passion to reach out to people and make a difference:

  • Newark Group - Keith and Sarah Prothero
  • Acts of Kindness - Beverley Whitworth
  • Evergreens (Over 55) - Nina Cecil 
  • Antioch (Missions) -  Mark Dannatt
  • Ignite (Youth 11-17) - Liz Phillips
  • Church Warsop - Liz Phillips
  • Abundant Life - Jacqueline Depass
  • Connect - Mike Phillips