Room Rental

At the Lifespring Centre, we have 3 fantastic rooms available to rent. So whether you are looking for a space for a party, wedding, meeting or a reegular group, we will have something for you.

Catering available onsite.  Self catering also available. 

Regular Bookings

Lifespring Hall (seats 200):  £12.50 per hour

Thoresby Training room:  £10.00 per hour

Sherwood Meeting Room: £7.50 per hour

One Off Bookings:

Lifespring Hall:
£25 Per Hour
4 Hours - £90.00

Thoresby Training room:
£20 Per Hour
4 Hours - £70.00

Sherwood Meeting Room:
£15 Per Hour
4 Hours - £50.00


Call Rachael or Becky on 01623 860303 for all room bookings or send us an email at office@lifespring.org.uk

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