Our Vision


Vision, Mission and Strategy

Our vision is to create a church that is attractive to those who do not go to church.

Our mission is to give people the support they need in order to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Perhaps you are not sure you believe in Jesus but you want to know more? Perfect. We are the church for you.

Our sstrategy is simple.  it's called LIFE:

Link: Growing spiritually doesn't happen automatically. It happens when we practice the teaching of Jesus.  This happens best when we link or connect with other Christians.   

Invite: We believe it's vital to be an “invitational” Christian.  Invite others to come to church with you.

Function:  We are called to serve one another.  Serving can take place in the church, in the community or in the world.  

Empower: At Lifespring we are called to empower each other and to empower the work of the church.  Your financial support empowers the church. Your contribution, whatever it is, empowers the church to flourish.



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