Oasis Cafe Menu

1. Breakfasts

All Day Breakfast                  

 Sausage, Bacon, Beans or Tomatoes, Fried Egg, Mushrooms and Toast

Small £3.50
Medium £4.00
Large £5.00

Add Black Pudding or an extra slice of toast for 40p
Add Hash Browns for 50p


Toast and One Topping    £2.25                                                   

Available with a Selection of Toppings


Two Toast and Two Butter    90p
Jam Portions 20p Each

Extra Butter Portions 5p Each

Bacon or Sausage Cob     £2.10                                 


Veggie Breakfast     £3.75
Mushrooms, Beans, Veggie Sausage, Toast, Egg and Hash Browns

Old English Breakfast    £3.85
Two Bacon, Fried Egg, Sausage, Black Pudding, Beans and Hash Browns

Full Monty     £6.50

Four Bacon, Four Sauage, Two Hash Browns, Two Black Pudding, Two Eggs, Beans, Mushrooms and Two Slices of Toast


2.  Children's Menu

Chicken Nuggets, Fish Fingers Or Sausage   £2.95

Served with Chips, Peas or Beans

Cheese or Ham Sandwich     £2.00                                                           

Served with Crisps or Fruit and Juice

Kids Breakfast     £3.00 

Sausage, Hash Browns, Beans & Slice of Toast                                                          

3. Mains










Chips, Egg and Beans  £3.75

Chips, Egg and Sausage or Ham   £4.25

Soup of the Day Served with a Bread Roll   £3.50

Freshly battered Fish and Chips  £4.95

 4oz Cheese Burger and Chips     £3.95

Make it an 8oz burger for just £1 extra!

 Portion of Chips     £1.90

 Chip Cob     £2.50

Add cheese for 60p

See our Specials Boards for more Daily Specials such as

  • Cottage Pie

  • Homemade Lasagne

  • Minced Beef Pie

4. Light Bites









Jacket Potato with one Topping                                                                

Butter £3.05
Beans  £3.25
Cheese     £3.65
Tuna Mayo £4.20
Chilli     £4.95

Extra Portion of Beans, Cheese just 65p

Panninis (Served with Cheese)   - Choose from Onion, Tomato, Chicken Mayo, Tuna Mayo or Ham    £3.50                            

Toasties (Served with Cheese) - Choose from Onion, Tomato, Chicken Mayo, Tuna Mayo or Ham      £2.80                                      


Tosted Teacakes    £1.30

7.  Slimline Menu

Slimline Breakfast   £4.00

Two Bacon (no fat), Poached Egg & Mushrooms, Beans and a Slice of Wholemeal Toast

Poached Egg, Sweet Potato Fries & Beans     £4.25                                                                                                         

6. Side Orders

Chips   £1.20
Side Salad   £1.20
Peas   60p
Beans   65p

7. Homemade Treats and Desserts








We always have a wide selection of cakes and desserts available!            

8. Drinks

















Oasis Coffee is an Authentic Roasted Arabic Fair trade and Organic Coffee Made to order.


Expresso     £1.40
Americano  £1.70
Cappuccino    £2.10
Latte   £2.10
Mocha £2.50 (Add cream & Marshmallows for 50p)

Add a Dash of Syrup for 50p                                                                        


Mug of Tea     £1.00
Pot of Tea for Two £1.70
Speciality Tea £1.50


Hot Chocolate  £2.00                                                                                      

Made with Steamed Milk

Add Cream, Marshmallows for 50p            

Soft Drinks Starting from £1.00                          

Please talk to us if you have any specific dietary requirements as we do have Gluten and Dairy Free alternatives available. We also cater for people who may be on a slimming plan, vegetarian or Coeliac.

All meals are made to order.

We are part of a Community Centre that has a large conference facility and several meeting rooms which are serviced by our Oasis Cafe. The whole centre is run by a company called Global Community Connect. All the proceeds from the cafe and income from room rental go to the company and are used towards the upkeep of the cafe and community hall. The Lifespring Church is run seperately and does not benefit from the cafe or income from room rental.

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