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 Burkina Faso

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We work with AEAD which is an evangelical relief and development organisation working to improve the lives of the people of Burkina Faso through the love of God. Currently AEAD is actively involved in education, training, food security and evangelism. Providing heath care and a clean water supply are also important parts of their strategy. The work is led by Philippe Ouedraego with help from his wife Josephine and his brother William.

William reports that they are following the national education programme in the school that he teaches in.  They have one Christian lady but they are praying for more Christian teachers.   William says “It is really a battle to achieve the vision we are aiming at”.  They are short of money to pay the salaries of the teachers and they have 5 teachers at the moment.  They need the 6th classroom and a teacher to get a complete Primary School before they plan for a secondary school.  The population is mainly Muslin (60%) and only 6% are born again Christians.   

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