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October 2019

It is festival time here at the moment. Schools and offices are closed and people go picnic with their families or just visit malls, shops and public parks. Everybody is happy, and also we are so happy to see our local children enjoying their vacation after many hours of study and training. And these three weeks we will run English Course for outreach as before, as well as football training.  We have seen these methods so effective for outreach, besides the study tutorial.

Thank God for the development in our study tutorial ministry. In D we now hire 6 teachers to teach our students 6 days a week. In H and S our schools for poor families continue to bless the children and their families with good education system and the Bible. Now we add 2 teachers to teach in H, and will train another one to help us teach in S. Praise the Lord that Ehmo our teacher, now is back from her village with her baby, ready to continue teaching the children.

During our ministry God always helps us for our daily needs and future. Now I already received the Japanese N3 Certificate that I can use to earn income here. And on December 1 I will take N2 test that will need your prayer support. Please pray for our family needs at the moment.

I send you the picture of round tables, to tell you that this has become to us a simple yet powerful means to bring people young and old to God's message. And here in Myanmar thousands of unwanted children or children from poor families have been sent to peya, Buddhist temples and live there for the rest of their lives. But now we can help some of them live a normal life, starting with tables, board and books.  This is a long journey but we have God’s promise to see our dreams come true in the future, and you have become a part of us to see this happen.  Thank you!

May God bless you all. Amen

September 2018

We have come to the 9th month of the year and it is a good time for us to evaluate everything that we have done throughout the year. I pray for you there that God will be always in charge for every ministry that you are running. As for us here, we thank God for His guidance that He uses and enables us to bless this country through evangelism, discipleship and education. Two preschools, 12 tuitions and this week we will add another place in Myaung Mya, with the total of around 500 children, we also reach out and teach some ladies at several places. We thank God for His kindness through the people who graciously help us renting two houses for our preschools. We hope that within 6 months we can build a simple building on our own land so we don't need to hire any other place.

As for our online Bible and Theological Course, we thank God for 14 groups and 300 active members so far, through this online course we can see many hearts are changed and many lives surrendered to serve the Lord in the mission field. Bible teaching shaped them in their view of God, themselves and others, changed their characters and brought them to their life goal for God's kingdom.

As for our lives here, we thank God for His providence, how He supplies every need through you and our Indonesian brothers and sisters, also through selling sand painting to Jakarta. But I think I need to start to make financial anticipation for the years to come. I plan to teach English as part time job in an institution. For this reason, I will take TEFL Course (Teaching English as Foreign Language) as soon as possible, God willing.

This week we are so blessed to have an opportunity to distribute for free, rice, cooking oil, clothes etc to a moslem community in Hpa An township, they are flood victims. That's all we can inform you this time. May God continue to work among us. Amen.



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