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Make a Will

1.  Why Make a Will?

We spend our lives working to provide for ourselves and our loved ones. You may have a house or flat (in the UK or overseas), shares, savings, investments as well as your personal and digital possessions. All of these assets are your 'estate'. Making a will ensures that when you die your estate is shared according to your wishes. Your will tells everyone what should happen to your estate after you die. If you don’t leave a will, the law decides how your estate is passed on – and this might not be in line with your wishes

Everyone should have a will, but it is even more important if you have children, you own property or have savings, investments, insurance policies or you own a business.

2. Leaving a Gift to Lifespring

Around 13% of all charity income in the UK comes from legacies and without this income charities would have to cut services and many would simply not exist. By making a will you can donate to charity. 

We would, of course, encourage you to remember Lifespring in your Will.  A legacy to a small charity like Lifespring could make a huge difference to the work we do.

3.  Use the services of a Professional

Home-made wills can be disastrous. You may omit particularly important details, such as what you wish to happen if the main beneficiary does not survive. It's always worth talking to a professional to make sure everything you need to cover is included in your will.

4.  We can help you.

At Lifespring we can guide you to find a professional who will be able to help you.  All we will do is signpost you to a professional.  We will not get to know the details of your will which will remain confidential between you and your advisor.  If you need to find a professional, please speak to Catherine in the Lifespring Office and she will help you.

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